Wednesday 27 December 2017

Womens’ ladder for Tekken 7.

Charlize Seremak
Again Charlize Seremak (HTS Sasolburg) has taken the top spot. This time it is of the official ladder for Tekken 7 for women.

It is most encouraging to see more-and-more women taking up esports. The huge driving force behind more-and-more women participating is none other than MSSA president, Morizane Boyes,(from Witbank).

Not content with having represented South Africa in the official Protea Esports Team at Baku in 2014, Morizane has made it her mission to increase the numbers of females participating as well as the standard of play among such gamers.

Morizane started her efforts when she was elected onto the Management Board in 2013 (Womens’ Desk) and together with Blair Hamberger (who currently holds the position of Womens’ Desk) is continuing to give the cause of ensuring gender equity great impetus.

Thus gamers like Charlize Seremak are able to reap the benefits of those that went before them and to thus benefit from her own hard work, skill and determination as she takes one title after another.

The full rankings for the Womens’ ladder for Tekken 7 are as follows:

National TEKKEN 7 Ladder
Senior Females
PosName of PlayeryearClub
1Charlize Seremak17HTS Sasolburg
2Kaitlyn Creighton17Master of Mind Sports
3Sune van de Merwe17HTS Witbank
4Yu-Hsien Lin17North West University - Vaal
5Angelique Taljaard17HTS Witbank
6Doreen Els17Teutonic Knights Mind Sports Club
7Jada Whitaker17Tom Naudé
8Leoné Loftus17Fakkel School
9Morizané Boyes17BNKR
10Nadine Swart17HTS Witbank
11Paula Loftus17Masters of Mind Sports
12Robyn Gertzen17Teutonic Knights Mind Sports Club
13Kristen Cockeran17Fakkel School
14Simoné Otto17Tom Naudé

Other National ladders are:

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