Sunday 31 December 2017

MSSA's continued growth.

MSSA - looking after a variety of disciplines and games.
Currently, there are over eighty-eight (88) clubs affiliated to Mind Sports South Africa.

South Africa’s oldest, and largest membership based, gaming organization continues to grow. With many of the member clubs having more than one team, MSSA is now able to deliver more than ever before.

The growth of structured clubs leads to a far more sustainable sport. In the past, teams were created by interested individuals, and when such individuals lost interest, ‘fell’ out with their players, or found that running a team was not as profitable as they thought, such individuals would move on to more lucrative endeavours.

Clubs provide a legal framework for a democratic process in which there can be a process of elections wherein the intellectual property of the various teams and the resources earned over the years can be legally transferred to the new administrators.

It is through the legal club structure that clubs can access National Lottery Funding.

Such funding is vital to anyone who wishes to grow and develop gaming, whether it be, board gaming, card gaming, esports, wargames, or robotics.

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