Thursday 21 December 2017

Being part of the process.

People who have served MSSA as umpires in the past: Glenn Andrew, Nick Holden, and Clint O'Shea.
MSSA as an association of members, is best described as a vehicle where all  the participants have a voice in where it is headed.

Thus no member is ever left behind. However, it must be noted that while not every member's voice will be acted upon, ever voice will be heard, and dissenting voices are often taken into account to make policies better.

It is therefore important to note that the office-bearers are thus only there to enact the wishes of the members.

In fact any Registered Player is able to stand for any position.

As such MSSA has a longevity that no private company would ever have as MSSA is driven by people with passion and love of the game rather than just mercantile interests and a desire to make monetary profit.

Thus the following positions are available for any Registered Player who wishes to stand:
Eastern Cape Provincial Director
Gauteng Provincial Director 
KwaZulu Natal Provincial Director
Mpumalanga Provincial Director
Northern Cape Provincial Director
North West Provincial Director

Please note that only Registered Players may stand for the position in the province in which they live.

Closing dates for nominations is 15 January 2018.

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