Sunday 31 December 2017

You owe it to yourself!

Morizane Boyes in action in IESF's 2014 Esports World Championships - Baku.
Like in the Biblical story of Joseph, the course of events occurred because of his father’s, his brother’s and, more importantly, his own actions.

Had Joseph not been quite so insufferable, his brothers would not have sold him into slavery, and he would never been able to save his family once the famine hit.

The lesson is that none of us know what the future holds. There are some, who through higher learning, experience, and applied insight, who have a reasonable idea, but none can predict the future.

Thus it is important that all should have a flexible mindset and take opportunities when they arise.

Those that take a contrary position to any new idea or who oppose ideas because they are different, paint themselves into a corner.

The few that do paint themselves into a corner then cast around for allies in order to support their ‘world view’. Such behaviour may work for a time, but eventually, through time, such fail. Such failure leaves those supporters bitter and despondent, and often without any real knowledge of why there was opposition in the first place.

As a gamer, you do not have to like all the various competition types, all the people involved, or even all the various mechanisms.

However, as a gamer, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of every organisation.

As a gamer, if you want to be good, truly good, if not great, you need to play in as many competitions and championships as possible. It is through playing in all such competitions and championships that the gamer learns how to be flexible and adaptable to various systems.

If an organisation deters you from participating in any other, you should query their motives...

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