Thursday 25 May 2017

Building a winning team

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Teams that win, don’t just happen, to develop a winning team the administrators need to invest time, money and dedication.

Of course you could do it the easy way and just buy the players you need, or you could be more developmental in nature.

However, in my opinion, developing consistent winning teams from grass-root level is far more beneficial to the long-term sustainability of the sport.

When clubs take the time and effort to create a development plan, not only do such clubs create winning teams, but such clubs also become more sustainable.

By building junior teams, within clubs, that will eventually feed into the senior teams, clubs create an upward progression as well as an internal competitiveness. Only when athletes realise that there is always someone else working to take his/her place, can such athlete realise his/her own true potential.

Thus a winning national team is a reflection of the member clubs. If the club teams are weak and without a strong base, the national team will mirror such.

National Teams are thus utterly dependant on the development of club teams.

However, it is not good enough to have just a few good teams, the average strength has to be improved upon. By improving the average strength, competitiveness is improved upon. It is just like the economy, no-one wants an economy which is dominated by a few rich individuals with the rest being poor. So it is with sport, the more teams at the top strengthens the system as a whole and such resultant competitiveness builds all the teams into being stronger teams.

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