Sunday 21 May 2017

eSports could save South Africa.

Gamers doing what comes naturally!

South Africa seems to stagger from one crises to another. 

The government certainly does not seem to help, and in the opinion of many South Africans help precipitate many of such crises through their actions.

Now South Africa is witnessing well established companies withdrawing from the country (DA wants answers from Davies on #GeneralMotors exit) leading to fears of even greater unemployment and a continued winding-down of the economy in general.

But it is not all doom and gloom, as long as there is esports.

Esports should not be seen as a distraction, but as a way to get the south African economy moving.

Just look at South Korea.

When people started playing games in South Korea there were many people who did not understand the phenomenon that is esports. 

Gaming has spawned at least one TV channel in South Korea as well as a multi trillion industry on producing games.

It is said that last year the sale of games earned South Korea 3 trillion Won.

That is enough to provide a benefit to any economy.

The trick is to get the various South African government departments to 'buy-in' and promote all aspects of the esports industry so that South Africa could also become an exporter of games and be able to provide a more employment.

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