Friday 26 May 2017

MSSA cares about its members.

Without doubt Mind Sports South Africa's (MSSA) core business is the development of its various disciplines, being, board games, card gaming, esports, figure gaming, and robotics.

Central to the development of the disciplines is that MSSA cares deeply for each and every member. It is the members that make up the MSSA and it is the members that drive MSSA and have made it what it is today.

Without the members, MSSA would not exist.

MSSA has grown in numbers every single year to be the only organisation that has consistently created teams for international competition since 1991. Yes, even in the days of the sport moratorium, NOCSA (National Olympic Committee of South Africa) allowed MSSA to compete on a national level.

It is the passionate care that MSSA has for its members that ensures that MSSA will always protect, nurture, promote, and treat its members as thee heroes that they are.

World Championships in which South Africa has participated since 1991 are:
2016Jakarta –  IndonesiaeSports
2015Seoul –  South KoreaeSports
2015Wales –  WalesBoard games
2015Mbabane –  SwazilandBoard games, wargames
2014Baku –  AzerbaijaneSports
2014Maseru –  LesothoBoard games, wargames
2013Bucharest –  RomaniaeSports
2013Pretoria –  South AfricaBoard games, wargames
2012Cheonan –  South KoreaeSports
2012Durban –  South AfricaBoard games, wargames
2011Andong –  South KoreaeSports
2011Wellington –  New ZealandBoard games, wargames
2010New York –  United StateseSports
2010Daegu –  South KoreaeSports
2010Athens –  GreeceBoard games, wargames
2009New York –  United StateseSports
2009Taebaek –  South KoreaeSports
2009Washington –  United StatesBoard games, wargames
2009Busan –  South KoreaeSports
2008Johannesburg –  South AfricaeSports
2008Helsinki –  FinlandBoard games, wargames
2007Seattle –  United StateseSports
2007Port Elizabeth –  South AfricaBoard games, wargames
2006Taipei –  TaiwaneSports
2006Melbourne –  AustraliaBoard games, wargames
2005Seoul –  South KoreaeSports
2005Athens –  GreeceBoard games, wargames
2004New Orleans –  United StatesBoard games, wargames
2004Palapye –  BotswanaBoard games
2003Rome –  ItalyBoard games, wargames
2002Durban –  South AfricaBoard games, wargames
2001Epsom –  United KingdomBoard games, wargames
2000Epsom –  United KingdomBoard games, wargames
1999Cape Town –  South AfricaBoard games, wargames
1997Johannesburg –  South AfricaBoard games, wargames
1991 to 1996Derby –  United KingdomWargames

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