Tuesday 2 May 2017

Host province for MSSA's 2017 eSports National Team Trials: Gauteng

Players in action at the 2016 National Team Trials.
There is a lot of work that goes into holding the National Team Trials.

First the number of players who have qualified has to be determined, as well as their area of residency.

The residency of the qualifying players is used in order to determine in which province the Trials shall be held. The province that has the most players qualify is the province in which the Trials are held.

Thus if players want the Trials in their own province, it is in their interest to get as many players as possible to qualify from such province.

Thus over the years, MSSA's National Team Trials have rotated among KwaZulu Natal, Mpumulanga, Western Cape, and Gauteng.

All championships from the 2016 Mpumulanga Championships count.

Gauteng has the majority of players qualify, so, once again Gauteng plays host to the Trials.

MSSA's MANCOM is now negotiating with member club's in the province to see which club is willing to host.

As soon as the host club is known, the membership shall be advised.

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