Wednesday 17 May 2017

What if the entire team cannot attend National Team Trials?

MSSA's 2013 Protea DotA 2 Esports Team
The schedule for National Team Trials is demanding.

However, what if the entire team cannot attend National Team Trials?

From-time-to-time not all the players in a team that qualifies for MSSA's National Team Trials are able to all attend such Trials.

What happens then, does that disqualify the others from participating for a place in the national esports team?

The answer is that it does not as it is not the team that qualifies, but the individuals whom the team that so qualify.

Thus in 2013 when teams from both Bravado (Bvd) and Energy eSports both qualified, but found that not all their players  could attend such Trials, the teams combined in order to make a 'super' team which comprised the best of both.

In a way, this placed the selection of the teams in the hands of the players themselves.

Instead of having crusty old administrators chopping up working teams the players found that they themselves could take the initiative in creating a working national team.

Needless to say MSSA's 2013 Protea DotA 2 Esports Team was one of the most successful teams ever fielded by MSSA. The team may have lost to Romania in an exciting online test match, but a couple of months later, convincingly beat Mexico.

Thus the answer to the question raised is that a team that enters National Team Trials may consist of players from more than one club. That is should the clubs to which the players are affiliated agree thereto.

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