Wednesday 17 May 2017

E-Sport recognized in Geneva

On May 13th, 2017, during its Ordinary General Meeting, the Geneva Sports Association (AGS in French) voted with the majority for the integration of the Cantonal Federation of E-Sport of Geneva (Geneva E-Sport) among its members!

This recognition by the AGS is an entry point to discuss the inclusion of digital technology and electronic sports in the Genevan Society, for example for the creation of courses, of E-sports centres, leagues, or sport-studies programmes.

The City of Geneva, a pioneer in this domain, is taking on this project without any hesitation. The Department of Youth has already supported Geneva E-Sport in 2016, and today the Sports Service is planning to work together with Geneva E-Sport to integrate E-Sport into their sport schools.

The Sports service also provided its support during the organization of the First Forum of Electronic Sports of Geneva, which welcomed 5 speakers and hundreds of auditors last Saturday, the 13th of May.

Finally, last Sunday, the 14th of May, during the Extraordinary General Meeting of Geneva E-Sport, 4 new members joined us: The E-Sport division of Servette FC (Servette Geneva E-Sports), Virtual Star Sailors League, FireGoldSharks, and Mulligan. With now 12 members and 2 other structures wishing to join us, the E-sport Genevan scene is united under a single banner!

Romain Bodinier President of the Geneva E-Sport Federation

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