Wednesday 3 May 2017

Tyrone Green - MSSA's new National School’s Director.

With the position of National School’s Director becoming vacant, MSSA advertised the position, and Tyrone Green (Westville Boys’ High School) was quick to answer the call.

MSSA's Management Board considered the application, and co-opted Tyrone onto the Management Board.

Tyrone Green is currently an Educator at Westville Boys’ High School in Durban where teaches History, is the rugby coach and Master-in-Charge of eSports.
Tyrone owes his attitude of teamwork and helpfulness to his alma mater, Grey High School (PE).

While new to the competitive gaming scene, Tyrone is a strong supporter of team sports and as an avid gamer, Tyrone felt obligated to form a small ‘gaming club’ at Westville Boys’ High School when five DotA2 players approached him with the idea.

Under Tyrone's care, Westville Boys’ High School has seen an exponential growth of the Gaming Club. From only five original members, Westville Boys’ High School now has over 40 pupils who are part of the club of which 20 pupils are part of the four competitive teams.

Westville Boys’ High School, as an example, demonstrates the potential for the growth of eSports in schools. Tyrone believes that, "MSSA has afforded our school the chance to be a part of something bigger with a lot more structure and rewards". Tyrone is quick to state that,"Our members have loved every minute of the competitive ladder matches and the two tournaments they have played thus far".

The energetic Tyrone too wishes to use the position as National School’s Director to introduce eSports to as many schools possible. Of course there will be many challenges that will have to be overcome, but as Tyrone has said, "I have faith in all those who make up MSSA to take up the challenge of getting more schools involved. I would like to thank MSSA for this opportunity and I know that I will have a treasure trove of invaluable experience to draw on for inspiration and new ideas".

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