Tuesday 9 May 2017

Last chance to qualify for MSSA's 2017 Esports National Team Trials.

Maryke Kennard taking the Athetes' Oath at IeSF's 7th World Championships - Seoul.
Mind Sports South Africa's 16th Mpumulanga Championship shall be played on 27 & 28 May 2017 offers gamers a last chance to qualify for MSSA's 2017 National Team Trials.

The qualification period runs over a full calendar year with all the Regional, Provincial, and National Championships allowing gamers every opportunity to qualify.

Thus championships held in every province in which MSSA has held championships has created gamers eligible for participation in MSSA's 2017 National Team Trials.

Even MSSA's Online Schools' Provincial Championships and MSSA's Online Provincial Championships count for such purpose.

More players than ever before have qualified for MSSA's 2017 National Team Trials.

However, all entrants are reminded that MSSA's 2017 National Team Trials is not a tournament.

2017 National Team Trials is a selection process. It is a process in which a team is selected  to officially represent South Africa in official matches whether they be LAN or even online.

It is an honour to be selected to represent the country, and the country expects all such players to rise to the challenge.

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