Wednesday 3 May 2017

King Edward VII School enters the fray.

King Edward VII School
Steeped in history, the past one hundred years of Sport at King Edward VII School is a rich tapestry of glorious sporting achievements comprising of both victories, and character building defeats.

My belief is, however, that the victories outweigh the losses. However, what is important is what sport does for the individual, how it builds character, discipline, and the ability to face all odds in the most trying of circumstances.

One only has to consider the incredible sporting figures produced by King Edward VII School.
The many figures on this sporting landscape are generally heroic, a hallmark of the School’s sport being the pride and commitment from all who donned the King Edward colours.

According to the School's webpage, "The mens sana in corpore sano (a healthy mind in a healthy body) concept coupled with the educational benefits of competing in sport and learning to take life’s knocks, both physical and emotional, has ensured that sport will always play a very important role in the School’s educational activities."

King Edward VII School fully subscribes to the ethos that competing is more important than winning. Such ethos produces balanced citizens wherein sporting triumphs become a stepping stone to one’s career, social and family life.

Thus the school has much to offer Mind Sports South Africa, and MSSA in turn is indeed fortunate to now have King Edward VII School as a member.

No doubt King Edward VII School will be a game changer in all of MSSA's events.

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