Tuesday 30 May 2017

Club points earned at MSSA’s Mpumulanga Championships

Gawie Fick of Fakkel School (Sasolburg)
Eighteen (18) clubs, out of the 75 clubs affiliated, participated at MSSA’s 16thMpumulanga Championships held at HTS Witbank on 27 & 28 May2017. Each club affiliated to MSSA consists of one or more teams, with some clubs having as many as 250 members.

The championships showed that no one club dominated the winning of events as Premier titles were won by no less than 15 different clubs.

The Club Points system rewards clubs for both numbers as well as the average standard of play.

The depth of play does differ remarkably with the numbers produced by the schools swamping the private clubs.

Thus it was truly exciting to see Fakkel School (Sasolburg) earning more club points at the Mpumulanga Championships than any other club.

The school only affiliated in 2016, but the drive and dedication provided by the Educators in charge has lead to the school having a vibrant and competitive nature.

The club points earned at MSSA’s 16th Mpumulanga Championships are:
Pos Club Points
1 Fakkel School 153
2 HTS Witbank 143
3 Hoërskool Generaal Hertzog 117
4 Amplified Rebellion 49
5 Teutonic Knights Mind Sports Club 42
6 Cambridge High School 29
7 BNKR 20
8 Masters of Mind Sports 17
9 Generation X 11
10 Intensity Esports 10
11 Blue Dragon – 3DE 7
12 Midstream College 7
13 All Stars 6
14 VexxedPhoenix 6
15 JCS Academy 5
16 Old Edwardian Wargames Club 5
17 KES 3
18 Valhalla 1

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