Thursday 18 May 2017


Delegates at the 2016 Global  Summit in Shanghai with a delegate from FC Valke.

Servette Football Club and Adelaide Football Club are joining the ranks of FC Lausanne-Sport,BesiktasSchalke 04Valencia,  Manchester City, and Sporting Lisbon which have expanded into the exciting realm of esports.

MSSA itself is busy negotiating with a number of South African football clubs to also enter the esports arena.

The reason why this is so exciting is that the football clubs already have the resources and culture to understand how a sport actually works.

Expanding into esports also allows football clubs to consolidate their brands in order to further enhance their marketability and reach, but also allowing the football clubs to become dominant in other national federations, and possibly even influence another sporting code (IeSF) that may become a member  of the IOC.

With more and more regulated clubs appearing on the scene, esports is acquiring all the true trappings of being a fully accredited sport.

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