Monday 29 May 2017

Helping raise the standard.

Amoné Bekker (of Team Valkyrie) 
Port Elizabeth  lead the way when, in 2005, Liesl Verity (nee Harmse) was selected by Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) for duty the National Protea Team to participate in Athens in the International Wargames Federation's World Championships for Ancients Wargaming.

Apart from her duty in the National Protea Team, Liesl became the first women to earn Eastern Cape provincial colours for Ancients Wargaming.

However, Amoné Bekker is following in Liesl's footsteps of creating new achievements.
Amoné, at MSSA's 16th Mpumulanga Championships became the second female to earn MSSA's Eastern Cape Provincial  Colours, but the first female to earn such colours for the esports discipline.

Playing for Team Valkyrie (of Valhalla Gaming) at such Mpumulanga Championnships, 
Amoné showed her skill and assisted the team earn provincial colours.

On hearing of her ground-breaking achievement, 
Amoné gushed with excitement.

It is through 
Amoné's hard work and dedication that all are inspired to reach greater heights.

All watch with bated breath to see just how far 
Amoné will go.

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