Thursday 25 May 2017

National pride, personal pride

Jacobus Engelbrecht receiving his award for second place.
Playing for the official South African Esports Team is an experience like no other.

Playing in a personal capacity in international events just not compare with playing as a member of a South African team.

The concept of officially representing the nation puts the sport into proper perspective. Knowing that all eyes are on you brings out the best. Not only does the athlete carry the hopes and dreams of a country, but, the country is judged by the other athlete’s based on his/her performance and behaviour.

So far South Africa is punching well above its weight.

The teams that Mind Sports South Africa has sent over since 2005 has earned the respect of even the top teams.

In 2014, Team China, otherwise known to many as Team Noob, was amazed at the performance of the South African Team – especially after hearing of South Africa’s terrible infrastructure.

There are few teams and administrators that do not think fondly of the South African team.

Only athletes who have a pride in the nation, and a pride in themselves can carry themselves as well the South African Protea Esports Team does.

Medal winners are as follows:

Name of player
Gabriela Isaacs
IeSF 4th World Championships
Jacobus Engelbrecht
Knights Mind Sports Club
IeSMoD World Championships
Logan Brooke-Smith
World Cyber Games

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