Monday 1 May 2017

VexxedPhoenix blazes into the lead.

Jessie Joubert, captain of VxP Blaze.
The rankings for CounterStrike: GO have been published which take into account all the games played in Mind Sports South Africa's Online Provincial Championships which were played on 22 April 2017.

VxP Blaze has shot passed Team PRO to become the number one ranked team in the country. This now makes VxP Blaze the team to beat.

However, it is never easy defending the number 1 spot. One mistake can cause a team to slip and falter, and to drop in the official placings.

The teams Soviet UZ (Midstream College) and WBHS (Westville Boys High School) both deserve special mention. Both teams were unranked at the beginning of the year, and both are now up in the top five ranked teams battling it out with the more  established teams like VxP Blaze and PRO.

The full rankings for CS: GO are:

PosName of PlayeryearClubPoints
1VxP BlaZe17VexxedPhoenix942
2Soviet UZ17Midstream College577
3PRO17People Really Organised540.7
4WBHS17Westville Boys501.6
5TERA| Qube16Anteria389.1
6DELTA17All Stars385.4
7Hoërskool Lichtenburg17Hoërskool Lichtenburg376.6
8Empangeni: csgo17Empangeni High School353.8
9VOID16St John's College349.4
10eSpera17DF MALAN318.9
11Spartans A17SAHETI315.8
12QUANTM17Curro Klerksdorp314.3
13VxP Knights16VexxedPhoenix303.7
16flikadawist16DF Malan260
17GenX Frostwolf17Generation X256.2
18MC GO 117Maritzburg College245.3
19Cryptid Claws17Hoërskool Wonderboom244.1
20Limitles17Hoërskool Wonderboom233.6
21Awoken17Hoërskool Wonderboom203.5
22Rondebosch Boys High15Rondebosch Boys High200
23Phantom Troupe l Branden16Fairmont High School197.6
24Pride17Parktown Boys192.1
25Cedar House17Cedar House191.1
26iE.Revival17IntenSity E-Sports183.3
27PG – 1815Parklands College181.2
28District_Zero17Protea Heights Academy179.3
29Delta 217All Stars172.7
30Xillir816All Stars165
31Wolfpack17Knights Mind Sports Club150
32GWH CSGO17Glenwood House143.5
33PRONHS17Northcliff High141.1
34PFU16Fairmont High School140.1
35Fairmont High School15Fairmont High School125
36SPEARR15St John's College120
37Gents17Knights Mind Sports Club119.7
38Spartans B17SAHETI114.7
39PBHS red15Pretoria Boys112.5
40MC GO 217Maritzburg College112.5
41HGH16Hoerskool Generaal Hertzog100
42All Stars16ALL STAR100
45PG1616Parklands College84.4
47Northwood CSGO17Northwood High School75
48The Nerd Herd17Glenwood House75
50Tesseract17Jeppe Boys63.7
51PBHS white15Pretoria Boys56.3
52Maritzburg College16Maritzburg College56.3
53Winter Wolfes17Hoërskool Wonderboom56.3

Other rankings published by MSSA are:

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