Wednesday 17 May 2017

Creation of an eSports section within the Servette Football Club

The Servette Football Club 1890 SA announces the creation of an eSports section which will evolve under the name of Servette Geneve eSports. This section has already integrated the Geneva E-Sport Federation (Geneva E-Sport) and the Swiss E-Sports Federation. The club wants to contribute to the democratization and institutionalization of this discipline in Switzerland. The goal of this project is to create and pilot a team. Loris Caggiula, manager of Servette Geneva eSports: "The objective is to recruit the last players to complete our workforce. We will start competing in September at the Geneva Gaming Convention. The selection of the games was Rocket League, Hearthstone and Overwatch, three very popular games. The players will be semi-professional and compensated monthly, travel and accommodation costs will be borne by Servette Geneva eSports. These players will also be able to benefit from the infrastructures provided by the Servette Football Club. The budget of this team for the year 2017 is 25'000.

In order to carry out this initiative, the eSports section of Servette is already working with various local players, including Nicolas Pidancet and Adrien Martinoli, President and Vice-President of the Geneva Gaming Convention and founder of Geneva E-Sport, to contribute to the development of The e-sports scene.
Servette Geneva eSports is looking forward to seeing other sports clubs in the country in this new form of competition.
Servette Geneva eSports,

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