Monday 15 May 2017

Westville sees of challenge from Curro Klerksdorp in DotA 2.

Westville Boys' High School's esports team.
On Friday, 12 May 2017, Curro Klerklsdorp made a concentrated effort to dislodge Westville Boys' High School out of 4th place in MSSA's Schools' DotA 2 Ladder.

Both teams settled into the match with gusto.

However. Westville emerged victorious effectively seeing off the challenge and thus maintaining their position.

The full ladder is as follows:

MSSA's National DotA 2 Ladder
DotA 2 – Senior
DotA 2 – Schools
PosName of PlayeryearClubPosName of PlayeryearClub
1TMSC|DropZone15Tuks Mind Sports Club1PC DOTA17Parklands College
2Sp4rt4ns17SAHETI2Maritzburg College A17Maritzburg College
3BeZerK15BeZerK Gaming3SAHETI DotA217SAHETI
4Maritzburg College16Maritzburg College4WBHS17Westville Boys High School
5PotM Bottom17PotM Bottom5Oakhill [Mr Project]17Oakhill College
6WYSIWYG17Jeppe High School for Boys6An Skeletons16Parklands College
7POPOS (Parklands College)15Parklands College7PRIDE16Parktown Boys
8TMSC 1st team15Tuks Mind Sports Club8[Eagles] MrFancy17St John's
9Some Random Slackers15Knights Mind Sports Club9WYSIWYG17Jeppe High School for Boys
10TribalGaming16Fairmont High School10Grey High Gaming17Grey High School
11Fish Hoek High School15Fish Hoek High School11Sacred Heart 117SACRED HEART
12Parklands16Parklands College12HTS Witbank17HTS Witbank
13KWAKKIE DOTES16Tuks Mind Sports Club13PR0NHS17Northcliff High School
14We Took a Tower!16Wits Wargames Club14Maritzburg College B16Maritzburg College
15Broken alliance16Fairmont High School15SSES DOTA16St Stithians
16Psyduck15St John's College16MIDAS15St Albans College
17PR0NHS17Northcliff High School17Fairmont 3rd Team15Fairmont High School
18WBHS17Westville Boys High School18Hyde Park High School15Hyde Park High School
19Mr Project16Oakhill19Alpha15Linkside High School
20MX (Parklands College)15Parklands College20Rondebosch15Rondebosch Boys High
21Tango15BNKR21FHHS 115Fish Hoek High School
22BBC15Tuks Mind Sports Club22LHG 215King David High School
23PBHS RED15Pretoria Boys' High School23HTS 315HTS Witbank
24PBHS WHITE15Pretoria Boys' High School24SJC DotA Society15St John’s College
25Kronos Spectrum15Fairmont High School25Fairmont 1st Team15Fairmont High School
26DUC15Knights Mind Sports Club26Fairmont 2nd Team15Fairmont High School
27PIXELS15HTS Witbank27FHHS 215Fish Hoek High School
28Makeshift15Fairmont High School28Parklands College A15Parklands College
29Rondebosch15Rondebosch Boys' High School29HTS 215HTS Witbank
30Titans17VexxedPhoenix30Bravo15Linkside High School
31ITZ15BNKR31Parklands College B15Parklands College
32OAK$15Oakhill College32SJC Outdoor Decorator16St John's
33Kappa Knights16Fairmont High School33Sacred Heart 217SACRED HEART
34APTWE16Tuks Mind Sports Club34HTS Blue16HTS Witbank
35Team Craig16Northcliff High School35HTS Yellow16HTS Witbank
36Flaming Bunnies16Fairmont High School36Empangeni High School17Empangeni High School
37PORAXYSM16All Stars37Quantum17Curro Klerksdorp
38SPS15HTS Witbank38
39TMSC 2nd team15Tuks Mind Sports Club39
40PR0NHS TML15Northcliff High School40
41Raven Gaming15Fairmont High School41
42Empangeni High School17Empangeni High School42
43Grey High Gaming17Grey High School43
44Quantum17Curro Klerksdorp44

Other MSSA Ladder results are:

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